Organizational Strength


The top Management of the Union consists of the Board, Loans Committee, and the Supervisory Committee. The Board is responsible for the formulation of policies. The Loans Committee has the responsibility over the loans administration and the supervisory committee performs the role of the internal auditors, that is, the Committee's role is to ensure that the Management Board works in the best interests of the members and within the law.

The Committee checks the books of the Credit Union and evaluates its operation. These three committees in managing the day-to-day affairs of the Union receive support from the very qualified and competent staff.

  • Years of collective experience in successfully managing members savings and shares.
  • Voted by CUA as the most viable credit union in 2008/2009.
  • Adjudged by CUA as the Credit Union with the biggest asset size in 2014 till date.
  • Focus on maximizing risk adjusted returns through an active portfolio management.
  • Ability to provide timely loans.

Currently (as at January 2017), membership of the Credit Union stands at 6,278, with an Asset base of Ghc 68 million

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