The Credit Union has opened its common bond to include all Corporate Institutions in Ghana. The total membership as at June, 2015 is 5,600. Currently membership is open to persons within the following common bond: Employees of the University of Ghana, Agreed or selected institutions around the University campus, Retirees of the University on the Ghana University Superannuation Scheme (GUSS).

To provide value for our members The Credit Union marketing department meets members need through:


Better customer services.

Fair play, i.e. Giving every member an equal opportunity.

Dedicated and friendly staff always at the service of members.


Our corporate clients include:

  • University of Ghana Staff                      University of Professional Studies Accra Staff
  • Wisconsin University College Staff         Pentecost University Staff
  • National Accreditation Board Staff         NAPTEX Staff
  • University of Health and Allied Sciences Christian University College
  • University of Ghana Medical School       NOGUCHI Memorial Institute
  • Retirees on GUSS                                University of Ghana School of Public Health
  • Startrite Montessori School                   Yiri Lodge
  • Ghana Institute of Languages                Islamic University College
  • African University College of Education   Ghana Institute of Journalism
  • Akrofi-Christaller Institute                     Universal Hospital Supplies
  • The Hunger Project                               Rev. John Teye Memorial Institute
  • Kay-Billey-Klaer International School     Zenith University College
  • Ghana Technology University College     National Council For Tertiary Education
  • Regional Maritime University College      GIMPA
  • Ghana Hostels Limited                           National Banking College
  • Local Government Institute                    L’aine Services Limited
  • Center for Plant Medicine Research


A Good Member Must

  • Save regularly
  • Repay all loans with interest
  • Attend Annual General Meetings
  • Criticize the Credit Union constructively.

All Shareholding Members Have Equal Voting Right.


You can become a member TODAY, by opening an Account with the UG Co-operative Credit Union.
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